Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated business and always have been. The USDA inspected slaughter facility and farm is owned and operated by Naghman Sheikh and Tahir Siddiqui. Both are long time friends and business partners. Together both families have created the amazing and hard-working New Hira Farms team. Tahir and Naghman take great pride in maintaining and operating New Hira Farms. They make it a priority to keep the loyalty of their customers.

What We Do

We work day in and out to provide our customers with clean, fresh, and organic meat products. Alongside our goat, lamb, and poultry products we also offer our customers fresh farm to table products such as Honey and Eggs. All of the products are sourced right from New Hira Farms. So order today to enjoy the goodness of fresh locally sourced meat, honey, and eggs.

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